SkeemSaam:Mr Kgomo Won’t Go To Jail See What Will Happen

Mrs Kgomo will not at any point go to jail because at present Mr Kgomo stirred in crisis center and he will tell the truth with Sergeant Babeile about what happened, review Ivy Kgomo was not the individual who got a fire going, essentially a blunder happened during the time Melita Monama and Ivy Kgomo engaging and Mr Kgomo endeavoring to stop them.

Besides, something different, Mr Kgomo will comprehend that he committed huge blunders to cheat for his soul mate and endeavor to make something right, so Melita will consider herself alone powerless, review at this point Mr Kgomo is the eyewitness, and he will not going to put everything on his better half for the things his life partner didn’t do, Mr Kgomo will tell sergeant Babeile unequivocally what happened.




Melita will get through all of the incidental effects and her plans of sending Mrs Kgomo jail will miss the mark.

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By Tsakani