Musa Keys gets his first Grammy nomination

A vibrant wave of youthful talent is making headlines on the global stage. At the forefront of this movement is the 21-year-old sensation, Musa Keys, who recently received a Grammy nomination in the ‘Best African Music Performance’ category for his contribution to Davido’s chart-topping hit, ‘Unavailable.’MUSA KEYS AND THE GRAMMY’S
Musa Keys’ Grammy nomination is not just a personal triumph. It is a shining moment for the entire South African music industry. It marks a turning point, signifying a growing acknowledgement of South African talent internationally as reported by 702.

The nomination is a testament to the world-class artistry that Musa Keys brings to the table, catapulting him onto the prestigious Grammy stage.MUSA KEYS: YOUNG AFRICAN ARTIST
Musa Keys, at the tender age of 21, stands as a beacon of the rising influence of young African artists in the global music scene. His nomination reflects a shift in the industry dynamics. Young talents like him are reshaping the narrative and carving their names into the international music arena.

Musa Keys’ journey to the Grammys is punctuated by the success of ‘Unavailable,’. This is a track that not only earned him a Grammy nod but also played a part in securing a spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.MUSIC HISTORY
This achievement mirrors the historic feat by jazz legend Hugh Masekela 55 years ago, emphasizing the enduring impact of South African musical contributions on the global stage.

As Musa Keys steps onto the Grammy red carpet, the world is poised to witness the global recognition of an artist who remains deeply rooted in his African identity.SOUTH AFRICAN HERITAGE
Navigating the delicate balance between international fame and cultural authenticity, Musa Keys brings a unique flavour to the Grammy stage, showcasing the richness of South African musical heritage.

In the lead-up to the 66th Grammy Awards on February 4, 2024, all eyes are on Musa Keys, eagerly anticipating a win that could not only propel his career to new heights but also solidify his status as a key player in the global music landscape.

Gogo Maweni Gushes Over Dj Sbu as She Shared Their First Pictures Together

In a heartwarming twist of events, the dynamic world of entertainment witnessed an unexpected and endearing connection between Gogo Maweni and DJ Sbu. The charming encounter took place during a candid interview on DJ Sbu’s YouTube podcast, where Gogo Maweni not only shared her wisdom but also unveiled a heartwarming bond that has quickly captured the hearts of many. As Gogo Maweni and DJ Sbu’s first pictures together were shared, fans and followers were treated to a delightful display of mutual admiration and respect.



Gogo Maweni Gushes Over Dj Sbu as She Shared Their First Pictures Together

When it comes to the world of interviews and podcasting, DJ Sbu has carved a niche for himself as a skilled host with an ability to bring out the most authentic stories from his guests. Gogo Maweni, on the other hand, is a revered figure known for her profound insights and wisdom that come with age. Their paths intersected when DJ Sbu invited Gogo Maweni to his YouTube podcast, setting the stage for an unforgettable exchange of thoughts and emotions.

After the interview, Gogo Maweni and DJ Sbu shared a series of pictures together, capturing candid moments that showcased their genuine camaraderie. From shared laughter to thoughtful conversations, the pictures painted a heartwarming picture of an unlikely friendship that had blossomed. The images quickly made their way across social media platforms, garnering attention and praise from fans who were touched by the authenticity of their connection.

Mpho Wabadimo Leaves Mzansi Impressed as She Attends Women’s Event with Her Baby

In a heartwarming display of empowerment and inclusivity, South African influencer Mpho Wabadimo recently attended a women’s event accompanied by her adorable baby. The event, which celebrated and highlighted the achievements of women in various fields, showcased Mpho’s dedication to both her career and motherhood, leaving Mzansi thoroughly impressed.





Taking to her Instagram page, Mpho shared a series of captivating pictures from the event, providing a glimpse into the inspiring day. The images captured not only the essence of the event but also the undeniable bond between Mpho and her baby. What particularly caught the attention of her followers was the last frame she posted – a candid shot of herself gently pushing her baby in a pram.

The event, undoubtedly a significant platform for celebrating women’s accomplishments, became even more impactful due to Mpho’s presence. Her decision to bring her baby along not only reflected her commitment to being a present and engaged parent but also underscored the notion that women can excel in multiple roles simultaneously.

Mpho’s participation sparked conversations around the challenges faced by working mothers, shedding light on the need for more family-friendly spaces at professional events. Her decision to attend the event with her baby encouraged discussions about normalizing the presence of children in spaces that have traditionally been viewed as exclusively professional.

Dumi Mkokstad’s wife causes a stir with her pregnancy bump photoshoot

Ziphozenkosi Nzimande is a South African born and bred media personality who rose to prominence after getting married to the South African Gospel artist, Mdumiseni Nzimande, whose stage name is Dumi Mkokstad. The two have been married for 4 years now after they tied the knot on the 6th of June in 2019.







They have 2 beautiful daughters, Likuwe Nzimande who is 8 years old and Lenanizulu Nzimande who is 2 years old. Likuwe Nzimande is not Ziphozenkosi Nzimande’s biological daughter but Dumi Mkokstad’s daughter from his previous relationship. One would not even tell because of how Ziphozenkosi treats her like she is biologically her own. She loves her so much and takes full responsibility the same way she does with Lenanizulu Nzimande. As a blended family, they are living happily with the help of God at hand as a godly family.A new member of the family is on the way as Ziphozenkosi Nzimande is pregnant with a baby boy, she announced this pregnancy on the 31st of May and she has recently shared stunning pictures of her pregnancy bump. Below are the pictures she recently shared on her Instagram account.2.3.

Shoki from House of Zwide causes a stir with her pictures on Instagram looking like an angel

Shalate Sekhabi is a South African media personality who is popularly known and recognised as an actress but she is a musician too. Born on the 27th of July in 2000, the 23-year-old has been in the entertainment industry for a period of two years now. She rose to prominence back in 2021 when she started with House of Zwide, portraying the character of Shoki on the drama series.






Shalate Sekhabi is definitely a hard worker and can be described as the jerk of all trades. She is a full time actress, songwriter, singer, and last but not least she recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. This beautiful young lady is one whom so many young people look up to. She has proven to the youth of South Africa that their dreams can be a reality only if they put it the work.Shalate Sekhabi has recently shared stunning pictures of herself looking like an angel on her Instagram account. The pictures were well taken and she is definitely satisfied with the editing hence she became confident and bold enough to post them Instagram. These pictures are for her next single song which she will be releasing on the 18th of August in 2023 which is next week Friday. Below are the pictures she shared.

1.2.3.Unlike most celebrities who are constantly dealing with cyberbullying and toxicity from people on social networking sites, Shalate Sekhabi has received so much love and support from those people. They are the reason she has been nominated as a best supporting actor and the reason her music is slowly but surely recognised. Some have left their compliments of the comments section of the above pictures and below is a screenshot of their comments.