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Zulu Dresses Go To ….Come and see

In Zulu culture, women also wear different clothes at different stages of their lives. Only one young woman wears short hair and only a short beaded reed skirt, while engaged women cover their breasts and grow hair.

A married woman covers her whole body to indicate that she is spoken. She wears a thick skirt of cowhide that has been softened with animal fat and charcoal. Traditionally, women covered their breasts with clothing, but today they wear vests or bras with beaded necklaces.

The most emblematic ornaments are the circular hats called izicolo, worn by married women. These hats were traditionally made of grass and cotton and measured up to one meter long to protect the wearer from the sun.

A variety of traditional clothing including leopard print shirts

In Zulu culture, women also wear different attire at different

In Zulu culture, women also wear different attire at different

Modern Zulu Dresses Traditional African …

ZULU Traditional Attire

In Zulu culture, women also wear different attire at different













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African Print Dresses in 2020

You’d be wrong if you thought kente print couldn’t he this pretty. It’s also no secret that Afro Throne nailed this underhandmade dress. The Lily dress has versatile strap that can be tied on the shoulder, off the shoulder, as an alter neck etc it can even be worn as a tube dress.
stunning infinity dress. And you know what’s even more exciting? This ankara dress can be worn in multiple ways. Perfect for wedding ceremonies, and special events. So many fun wears to rock this piece!Zara and H&M classify this category of clothing as ethnic fashion.

As a fashionista with deep African roots from Nigeria, West Africa, adorning these uniquely authentic pieces like African print dresses is almost like a second nature.

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Zahara wants to sign Idols SA twins if they don’t win

Zahara is a big fan of the twins.

Idols SA twins Viggy and Virginia Qwabe have captured the hearts of Mzansi with their undeniable talent, and Zahara is ready to take them under her wing if they don’t end up winning the show.

The pair have performed several songs by Zahara during their journey on Idols SA so far this season, and speaking to TshisaLIVE this week Zahara said she had been watching and was super impressed.

She said the pair had opened for her at a show in 2017, later sharing a picture of their meeting on social media.

Zahara said she was proud of their growth so far and wanted to sign them up.

“They must relax. If they don’t win Idols SA, I am here. They will still tell their story. They will still sing. I will take them under my wing. I want to sign them. They are brilliant, they can really sing. I want them on my record label.”

The musician said that not everyone could win the show and she didn’t want the twins’ talent to go to waste.

“They can sing. They are unique but there is so much talent. I know that not everyone can win. In my eyes they are already going to win, but if they don’t, I am here.”

Zahara Makes A Promise To The Idols Twins

Zahara promises to help Idols Twins Viggy and Virginia Qwebe If they don't win

Twins Viggy Qwebe and Virginia Qwebe have hogged headlines since making history by both making it into the top 17, which was a first for Idols.

The pair have appeared on the cover of Drum magazine talking about how they were derided on social media, being called ugly. Now they have secured a place in the top 10 don’t seem to be slowing down.

“I’ve never seen a talented person not make it to Idols because they were called ugly. Talent counts- beauty can be bought,” Virginia This after the Loliwe hit maker posted a picture of herself with the twins and captioned it: “They opened for me 2017 wow wow look at God now, if you guys don’t win at idols I’m here I will help you to tell your story”.

Hlengiwe Survives A Horrific Car Accident

The horrific car accident, which left Hlengiwe Mhlaba hospitalized, happened in Melmoth, northern Zululand. The gospel start was travelling to Ermelo, Mpumlanga, where she was booked to perform.

Family spokesperson, Nkululeko Khanye, said Hlengiwe’s car rolled car rolled when she tried tried to avoid an oncoming vehicle that was driving towards her.

Hlengiwe sustained serious internal injuries and was admitted at a hospital in Empangeni, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, where she is under doctors supervision.

“On Saturday it was very wet when the incident happened. Hlengiwe saw a car that was driving straight towards her and tried to avoid it but lost control and the car rolled.” – Nkululeko told Sowetan Live.

“We ask the nation to continue to pray for her speedy recovery as well ,” Khanye said.