SkeemSaam: Khwezi Necessities To Let Lehasa Know Who Got Her Pregnant

Now that Lehasa knows Pretty has moved on again with Kat, she feels compelled to give a relationship with Khwezi a shot. Despite the fact that Beautiful is not currently dating Kat, Francois informed Lehasa that this is the case.

This news hurt Lehasa deeply, and he has just informed Khwezi that they really should be dating. Since there is obviously no science between them, I find it hard to believe that they will even try to keep their relationship going. Pretty, who is now working as a traveling legal advisor, insists that absolutely no contact should be made with Lehasa. I’m happy for Pretty to be where she is right now.




Lehasa will give in to Pretty once more when he sees her in a nice suit on their way to court with Bopape. Whilst Khwezi will be happy, Lehasa will be preoccupied with thoughts of Beautiful and unable to move on. Stunning and Lehasa will always be together because their love is real and cannot be faked