ANC MP shot dead in Roodepoort

ANC MP shot dead in Roodepoort

Johannesburg – An African National Congress (ANC) MP was shot dead during a botched hijacking, the ruling party confirmed on Wednesday.

Sibusiso Radebe, who served on the portfolio committee on transport, was shot in Roodepoort on Tuesday evening.

He was from Elukwatini in Mpumalanga.

Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubele confirmed that police had launched a manhunt for suspects linked to Radebe’s murder.

“Police have launched a search for two suspects believed to be responsible for the murder of a 40-year old male victim in Roodepoort, Johannesburg West.

“Preliminary reports indicate that the deceased was with another person in a vehicle parked in Carbon Street, Lindhaven when two suspects allegedly approached the vehicle and opened fire, fatally wounding the deceased, while his companion managed to escape uninjured.

The suspects then made off in a Ford Fiesta, dark in colour, with unknown registration.

The motive is unknown and Makhubele confirmed that a police investigation is currently underway.

ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu in a statement mourned Radebe’s death and hailed him as a “dedicated servant” of the movement.

“The ANC sends its deepest condolences to Radebe’s wife and his entire family.

“May they find solace in the knowledge that we painfully share their loss and thank them for having borrowed the ANC and the country this incomparable servant of our people.”

Mthembu confirmed that the caucus was in the process of notifying all the relevant structures of Radebe’s passing and would make the necessary arrangements to visit the family.

“We will keep South Africans informed about the memorial and funeral service arrangements once they have been finalised by the family,” he said.

I’ll have to die to see him again, says Simba Mhere’s heartbroken father

JOHANNESBURG, June 18 – The father of  the Top Billing presenter Simba Mhere who was killed in a car crash three years ago told the court that he wished he had died rather than his son.

During proceedings at the Randburg Magistrate Court on Monday, Joseph, the father of Mhere, said he had big dreams for his children and a day never passed without him thinking about Simba.

“I often ask myself why God didn’t take me instead of him.”

Mhere and his friend Kady-Shay O’Bryan were killed in a car crash involving three cars, which  happened on William Nicol Drive in Fourways, Johannesburg on January 31, 2015. Preshalin  Naidoo, 27, was found guilty of two counts of culpable homicide in January.

“I’ll have to die to see him again,” Mhere said.

Naidoo sat in the dock with his head down while the impact statements were being read into record.

O’Bryan’s mother Meghan said in a victim impact statement, which was read to the court by State prosecutor Dinesh Nandkissor: “You took a mother from her daughter and all those who loved her.

“Her brother who’ll never again see his sister and enjoy their close bond. My late daughter will never again be an aunt because of you. My life is shattered and a part of my soul is dead.

“You have refused to take responsibility for what you have done, you may be a man with age but not a true man. You’re a coward.”

Later, Nandkissor read the impact statement from the Mhere’s sister Valerie, an amateur athlete, where she said her brother was good at everything he did and always showed up for her.

“He cancelled work to see me compete. Every pair of running shoes were paid for by my brother. He provided for me.”

“I don’t know how to express the loss I feel. My heart is broken. It hurts to watch videos to hear him laugh again.”

“He’ll never be at another race of mine or be at my wedding. I am an only child now.”

Court continues.

The defence in the trial against Preshalin Naidoo, who killed Top Billing presenter Simba Mhere in a car crash, said incarceration would be harsh punishment for his offence.

“If he is incarcerated he will become a burden to the state and a statistic. A term of incarceration will be ineffective and destroy Naidoo,” defence advocate François Roets told the Randburg Magistrate Court on Monday.

Mhere and his friend Kady-Shay O’Bryan were killed in an accident involving three cars, which  happened on William Nicol Drive in Fourways, Johannesburg on January 31, 2015. The court heard that before the accident Naidoo, 27, was driving at more than 200 kilometres per hour.

He was found guilty of two counts of culpable homicide in January.

Roets said the case was a tragedy as Mhere and O’Bryan were loved and their deaths had huge impacts on their friends and families.

“There’s nothing I can submit that can bring them back to life however I submit that the court must consider a balanced sentence.”

Roets said the court had to ensure that justice was done and not to seek revenge.

He pleaded that  correctional supervision was not a slap in the wrist but a severe sentence opposed on Naidoo.

“One thing is clear and that is that Mr Naidoo poses no threat or danger to the members of the public.”

“Why remove someone who is economically impactful from society.”

Roets said if Naidoo was sentenced to correctional supervision he would be able to serve the community through community service.

Roets listed a number of things that he said showed that Naidoo had also suffered for his actions, which included having to repair the damaged vehicles, media attention, hateful statements and not being able to apologise to the families of the victims.

“What will the court achieve by sentencing the accused [Naidoo] to even six months imprisonment ? I submit that a term of imprisonment should not be imposed.”

Roets said the only suitable sentence was correctional supervision, suspended sentence of five years on condition that he pays R1500 per month for the next five years. (ANA)

Tweeps were glad to find a bride who “put her life first”.

OPW's Cabo and Abraham are happy in their second marriage.

After weeks and weeks of complaining that OPW brides seemed to be pushing the bekezela movement, viewers of the reality show were satisfied this past Sunday as they met a bride who believed in YOLO (You only live once) as opposed to ukubekezela.

Cabo has ended her first wedding because she wasn’t a believer of ukubekezela and upon leaving she re-united with the love of her life, Abraham, who she married on OPW

The act of ukubekezela aka “the woman must withstand anything that happens in her marriage and stay married against all odds” is a principle many of the older women in the black community (particularly) believe in. That principle is passed on from generation to generation, except young women are growing tired of it.

It usually involves staying in your marriage despite a cheating or abusive partner.

However, in the time where abuse and femicide stats continue to rise, tweeps were glad to find a bride who “put her life first”. They had just the right memes:

Nasty C on getting nudes in the DMs and shooting his shot overseas

Nasty C is blowing up overseas.

Nasty C says that while touring around the world can be hard, it’s made easier by keeping in touch with the million plus contacts he has on his WhatsApp… if he can navigate past the nudes.

The rapper has more stamps in his passport than the local post office, and he recently took a minute out of his busy touring schedule to speak to TshisaLIVE so y’all can get a glimpse of what’s like to roll with the young king.

You just dropped two tracks recently, but do they love your work as much as we do overseas?

It is crazy! The people are all vibing with it and every time we’ve played the songs people have been losing their minds. It’s crazy because every time I perform anywhere they are so excited to receive me. I feel that excitement and adrenaline of the come up every time.

We’ve seen your international moves, so does this mean we must pack your bags and give in your ID because you’re ‘relocating’?

Yeah I get like a million messages a day. It’s impossible to answer all of them but sometimes I’ll jump on and chat. It really helps when I’m having a bad day, they (his fans) put me in a good mood.

Yeah but do you ever get really racy messages? Proposals nyana?

Yeah, you get the odd nudes and crazy messages. You’re like, ‘okay.’ It’s surprising but I guess it’s because people feel like they have a connection with you and so this thing is bound to happen. The most hectic thing for me is hearing some of their stories and what they go through. That’s what surprises me. I think it also humbles me.

Put it in a song! When is the new album coming to disrupt the game?

Thembsie Matu says she had to remind her dad to Khumbul’ekhaya

Thembsie Matu plays the national treasure that is The Queen's Petronella.

The bubbly personality that Thembsie Matu gets to play on The Queen may be larger than life and able to help audiences escape their daily troubles, but the actress hasn’t had it easy herself and she shared one instance in her life when things were really tough.

Chatting to the panel of presenters on Trending SA, Thembsie remembered a time when life dealt her a hard hand and she had to go searching for her father.

“My grandmother passed away and I had to go look for my father. If that show, Utatakhowas there at time time, I would have gone to it for help. I needed to get money to register at school somehow.”

The actress said this was at the beginning of secondary school and she found a school closest to her home because she couldn’t afford transport. She added that while in the registration queue she heard that she needed money to register.

Thembsie said she remembered that her cousins would always point in a certain direction and say that is where her father lived. So she got on her brave face and went to search for her father.

“When I found the house, I was afraid to walk in because there were huge dogs, so I went to the neighbors house. Then they called him for me. When he’d tied the dogs I went into the yard and we began talking, right outside.”