category of clothing as ethnic fashion. As a fashionista with deep African roots from Nigeria, West Africa, adorning these uniquely authentic pieces is almost like a second nature.Most of my childhood Sunday service clothes were made out of Ankara fabric. Other equally breathtaking African print fabrics include Kente, Kitenge, Aso Oke, Dashiki, and Gele. The patterns and specially selected colors of these fabric hold significant meanings to the area where they originate from.

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Chic Heels Shoes for Women 2017 2018

those timeless black pumps you wear to feel powerful at work, that cool set of white sneakers you essentially live in on the weekend, and so on. While there’s no reason to give up your must-haves, why not switch it up a bit this year to keep your footwear game fresh and current? But we get it, the issue can certainly be deciphering which styles are actually worth testing out

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❣❣❣ 15+ Agbada Designs Styles Ideas ❣❣❣

enjoy seeing our men in because they suddenly move from the boyish faze to a more respectable persona when they are in their caftans and agbada. Surprisingly they also behave respectable when they are in a caftan or agbada this tells you how important the caftan is to this society so why not embrace our culture in full? Well there are quite a number of respectable men that don’t even care for suit, that’s a start so ladies if you want your guys/husbands to look like a million bucks then you best invest in getting him good looking caftan and agbada style.

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Fashion Skirts Outfit Style 2017

Long ago we did not see fashionable skirts around here. That is why, today we decided to surprise you with different ideas of women’s skirts so you have in mind when choosing your next fashion trend.

They are different fashion outfits with skirts that you can see to give you the necessary inspiration. Enjoy all the images of skirts and tell us which of all is your favorite.

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