Skeem Saam: Pax was happy when he saw his mother wearing

Paxton saw his father looking for a necklace on the internet and he did not know why. In the morning, Mrs Kgomo was wearing a beautiful diamond necklace and Paxton saw it.



He asked his mother where she got it from and she told him that Mr Kgomo gave it to her. Paxton was impressed with what his father had done. He told his father that he was proud of him for spoiling his mother.

Mrs Kgomo was happy. Hlogi told Mrs Kgomo that the necklace suits her and she thanked him. Mr Kgomo was not happy. He was busy thinking about Melita.

When he saw his wife wearing the necklace, he thought of Melita because the necklace was meant for Melita. When Paxton and Hlogi looked at Mr Kgomo, he had no choice but to smile because he did not want to make them suspicious.