Skeem Saam’s Kwaito is still with the same woman he dated when things were tough

In a world where relationships often succumb to the pressures of fame, money, and success, there are rare instances that restore our faith in true love. Kwaito from Skeem Saam and his wife have become a shining example of unwavering loyalty and genuine affection.




The ‘before and after’ picture of the couple shared on Facebook sparked admiration and praise from fans across the country. The image highlighted the incredible journey they have traveled together, from humble beginnings to the glitz and glamour of fame. But what truly touched the hearts of many was the fact that Kwaito’s wife stood by his side when he had nothing.

Clement Maosa, the talented actor who portrays Kwaito, has openly shared his challenging upbringing. He grew up with limited resources and faced numerous obstacles along the way. It is during these difficult times that some women find it hard to stand by their partner, as they yearn for financial stability and material comforts. However, Kwaito’s wife defied societal expectations and chose love over materialistic desires.