Skeem Sam star takes pictures from home and she is grateful for the moment

Mogau P Motlhatswi chose to take the moment back home and share pictures from it. She is not shy about her background, and her followers are still happy with her for being proud. So many people want to live a soft lifestyle, but they don’t stick to what they are having before they got to where they wanted to go.




Mogau P is best known as Mapitsi from Skeem Sam, and she has won many people’s hearts with the role that she is playing, and she is a wonderful person to meet in person. What you see about her lifestyle on social media is the real lifestyle you should be expecting if you happen to meet with her. When you have made it, you don’t forget home.

She remembers where she comes from and it is important because she will not get lost trying to be a person that she is not. You don’t have to pretend about your lifestyle, and that is what MacG from his podcast said many times. It would be lovely if she joined the Podcast and Chill with MacG and to have a beautiful interview conversation.

She is not involved in many things that are or will not be good for her, hence she is living the best life ever. Being happy is important for her, and it does not matter if she is now famous. It would not be good if she was not having a good life, and it does mean when you are earning good money, everything may be good. But it will be the same thing if you are also going through struggles in life.