Skeem sam actor (Leeto) leaves fans with his photo in real life.

Skeem Sam actor Leeto leaves fans speechless with his pictures in real life.

Eric Macheru is a former South African player and a famous actor. Eric is well known not only for his role in acting but is also reowned due to his talent in soccer.





The handsome actor has a large cloud of fans , and he is among the well known South African television personalities .Due to his agression , he has influenced people to embrace the spirit of hard work in their lives.

Those who are fans of the sopie know the character that he plays. He plays a role of a brother , and a son to mr and mrs Maputla and a successful lawyer.

Macheru believes in the wonders of teamwork . He always says that pulling together of effort is the best way to beat the odds of life.

He values everyone and more especially his fan who had made him achieve a lot in his career. According to him every person has the potential to attain his or her goals given an opportunity.