Skeem sam actress Pretty Seakamela shows off his handsome boyfriend

“O findile out,” words written by Sello Maake KaNcube on his Facebook page about his love interest on Skeem Saam former principal, Thobakgale. This after he scammed the poor old woman out of her pension money.

Known as professor Kganyago on the popular teen drama show Skeem Saam, he managed to worm his way into the heart of the lonely poor Miss Thobakgale.


While they were together, the professor managed to gain her trust with everything, including money. Since she was so in love, she never once suspected that the professor could be a swindler.

Thobakgale organized an engagement party for herself and her lover. Unfortunately, the crook never showed up, leaving the poor woman distraught.

Having your heart broken is one thing, but to have all your life savings taken too can be devastating. This is a lesson to those who hate prenuptial agreement. She could have at least protected her money and not lost her heart and the money, too.