Most beautiful Sangoma on Skeem Sam

Actress Oratile Maitisa known as Unice on Skeem Sam whom act a very devastating role.Though mostly don’t know about her character in real life.Oratile Maitisa is actual one of the beautiful Sangomas in Mzansi.She also takes her calling serous as she also did the whole




ceremony.To be a ganged on one thing for ever in your life can be tiring but now according to Unice who embark every step she takes with so much enthusiasm.Though she is mostly known with her character on Skeem.She might look tough but she is only 23 years of age.Having a calling or a gift of becoming a traditional healer known as Sangoma can be devastating because the are cetera rules you will be required to follow but not according to Oratile Maitisa who has taken the perception with different angle.She might act very reckless but in real life she is the sweetest beautiful traditional healer.