Skeem Sam actor has initiated a new challenge. See the pictures of other challengers

Clement Maosa shared great pictures on social media, and they are being loved a lot. But he was not aware that they would be loved a lot, to the point where it has become a challenge. King Monada has joined, and from that moment, it was done by a lot of people, which gained more popularity on social media. The actual pictures were taken by Clement are beautiful, without a doubt.





They are pictures for which he could be chosen to become a model for fashion shows. Sometimes you do something for fun, only to find later that it will make you a fortune. Social media has launched a lot of careers for a lot of people. As for Maosa, he is a musician and actor. He had been on Skeem Sam for the longest time, and he is still part of it.

Musically, he has made a song, and the famous Chymamusique, who has made one of the best remixe of “Speak, Lord,” was part of his song. He is an entertainer who is participating in that industry as much as possible. Such challenges have a great way of becoming part of the advertising campaign.

It is also important to have ownership of something you have created; in that way, you will get to benefit from it. A lot of people have made something amazing, but because they have not acquired a trademark for it, they have lost a chance to change their lives.

Most of the time, it is people who are not aware of the importance of owning something they created. That is another thing people should be taught about. That is something MacG and Solphenduka like to talk about on their podcast. Surely, as for Clement, he will not be one of those people who will be fighting for something they have created.