Skeem Sam actress confirms that she is now a Sangoma

A 22 year old Skeem Saam actress Eunice who’s real name is Oratile left people speechless by becoming a Sangoma , surely it because they didn’t see it coming . She shared her journey on Instagram with her followers, letting them know that she finally accepted her calling . Not everyone was happy with the news but most of her fans were happy that she is being true to herself and not really dwelling more on what people will say .




One thing that most people don’t understand and respect fully is that , we have different believes and it is totally okay to do what works for us which is either choosing your ancestors or God . There’s is nothing wrong with that , everyone should just mind their business and just learn to respect other people’s belives.

After going through the pictures below , you will see how happy she is with the chose she made. And the amazing part is that ,she got all the support from her loved one’s which is the only thing that matters .

Guys it is very important to do you . Do not try to be someone you are not because it won’t work , you will just end up being a lost soul and see no reason to live . So don’t forget to do what makes you happy and I always follow what you believe in.