Madongwe From Uzalo Is Much Younger Than You Think She Is

Have you also noticed that the majority of South African actors and actresses give off an impression of being decades older than they actually are? Uncovering Madongwe’s true age came as a complete shock. Soon we shall know her true age and celebrate her genuine birthday.






Madongwe is the stage name of the actress that plays Lily’s mum in Uzalo. Originally from the area of Zimbabwe known as the Lubombo, Madongwe’s full name is Zama Magubane. Did you know that she is married already? She has been married to Mr. Msibi for three decades and together they have produced three children. Try to guess how old she is:

Zama Magubane was born in 1983, making him 38 years old currently. Now, look at both the genuine and Uzalo photos of her and tell me which one makes her look younger. She looks much younger in her actual photos than she does in her Uzalo ones.

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