Money is Truly Good – See 5 African Celebrity Homes You Must Love

Hello again, and welcome back to African Corner on DecorHubng, where today we’ll be taking a look at the five African superstars whose homes you just must see. So, using African-themed tablecloths was explored last week, which was a lot of fun because it was both cost-effective and resourceful. Maybe you’re wondering what’s planned for the day. Our knowledge of fashion isn’t necessary, and this is outside of our regular range of competence. Although there are many famous people from Africa, we will just highlight a few of them and their residences.






To illustrate our point, we will randomly display photographs of the individuals numbered 1 through 5. Unfortunately, most celebrities lead very private lifestyles, or I would have looked up photographs of their homes online. When I was unable to find any information about Boity, DJ Maphorisa, Rita Dominic, and others on the internet, I had to cross their names off my original list.

Now that we have that settled…

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji here.

Among the five African celebrity homes we admired, Linda Ikeji’s was our clear favorite.

Five Gorgeous African A-Listers’ Mansions

By the way, she’s standing outside the house where you can see her.

Included here are five bathrooms from the homes of African celebrities that totally rocked our world.

the mansions of five African celebrities This kitchen has a lot of space, which is great.

To me, Linda Ikeji is an inspiration for what she has accomplished through her blog.

Popular internet meme “You’re not ugly, just broke” featured a photo collage of Diamond Platinumz (TANZANIA) before and after he got famous. LOL. It was humorous, but also really logical. Until he “blew,” Diamond Platinumz must have been one of the most mocked artists in the industry. He’s made good, and now he’s got a swanky hilltop estate and pays for everyone who works for him. Below are some more images of his home.

The Five Most Extraordinary Homes of African Celebrities

The subtle design and natural color palette are fantastic.

Top 5 Mansions of African Celebrities

It looks like this guy is covered from head to toe in gold.

Relaxing by the pool: 5 Fabulous Mansions Owned by Famous Africans

Don Jazzy, or Don Baba Jay as he is affectionately known in his home country of Nigeria, is third on this list. The music he has produced is truly famous, and he deserves praise for his efforts. His selflessness, humility, and uncommon maturity make him an inspiration to many.

Top 5 Mansions of African Celebrities

Reportedly, his Los Angeles mansion looks like this:

The widespread speculation and gossip regarding his residences leads one to believe this to be true.

AY hosts the year’s most popular comedy show, AY LIVE!, and is widely considered to be Nigeria’s top comic. The leak of photos of his opulent Lekki mansion did not surprise us. The pictures looked much better thanks to the brilliant lighting, which infused the house with positive energy.

Top 5 Mansions of African Celebrities

Exterior View of a House from a Landscape

The dining area was described as:

The stuff of nighttime imaginations, huh.

All of his photos have watermarks for his wife’s interior design company.

Casper Nyovest, one of South Africa’s most popular musicians, can buy a house as a status symbol.

Top 5 Mansions of African Celebrities

He parked his car in front of his house for a photo op.

Top 5 Mansions of African Celebrities

Our countdown of the top 5 African celebrity mansions is at an end. Hence, I pray that your time was enjoyable.