Makhumalo posted a picture of herself, see what people noticed that caused a stir

hobile MaKhumalo is the third wife of South African Pastor and reality TV star Uthando Nesthembu Musa Mseleku. Thobile made a name for herself. She didn’t get where she is by getting married to Musa Mseleku, but she is a hard worker. Thobile is not only the wife of the famous Musa Mseleku but She is also an actress, TV Personality, radio personality, public speaker, and businesswoman.




Thobile has won a lot of people’s hearts, a lot of people love her because she is friendly and very loving. Though she can’t have kids of her own because of health problems, she has decided to adopt a child and raised her as her own, her name is Mpilo.

Another thing people love about Thobile is her sense of style, one thing about Thobile is she never disappoints but she is always on the point that one of the reasons why she has so many followers is that sometimes she teaches women how to apply make-up and look good, she teaches them how to dress up.

Her recent post cost a stir on social media after people noticed what she was wearing, below is what Thobile posted that caused a stir:

After this picture was posted people noticed that Thobile looked simple, but she still looked beautiful even though she looked so simple. Someone even commented saying you never disappoint, This is truly one thing about Thobile when she dresses she makes sure she leaves a statement, and she is good because she knows how to dress for any occasion.

Not once but many times she has proved that she has a great fashion sense, and her dress code is one of the best and she knows how to dress for her body. Anything she wears looks good on her, dresses look good, trousers look good almost everything looks good on her.