Nasty C on getting nudes in the DMs and shooting his shot overseas

Nasty C is blowing up overseas.

Nasty C says that while touring around the world can be hard, it’s made easier by keeping in touch with the million plus contacts he has on his WhatsApp… if he can navigate past the nudes.

The rapper has more stamps in his passport than the local post office, and he recently took a minute out of his busy touring schedule to speak to TshisaLIVE so y’all can get a glimpse of what’s like to roll with the young king.

You just dropped two tracks recently, but do they love your work as much as we do overseas?

It is crazy! The people are all vibing with it and every time we’ve played the songs people have been losing their minds. It’s crazy because every time I perform anywhere they are so excited to receive me. I feel that excitement and adrenaline of the come up every time.

We’ve seen your international moves, so does this mean we must pack your bags and give in your ID because you’reĀ ‘relocating’?

Yeah I get like a million messages a day. It’s impossible to answer all of them but sometimes I’ll jump on and chat. It really helps when I’m having a bad day, they (his fans) put me in a good mood.

Yeah but do you ever get really racy messages? Proposals nyana?

Yeah, you get the odd nudes and crazy messages. You’re like, ‘okay.’ It’s surprising but I guess it’s because people feel like they have a connection with you and so this thing is bound to happen. The most hectic thing for me is hearing some of their stories and what they go through. That’s what surprises me. I think it also humbles me.

Put it in a song! When is the new album coming to disrupt the game?