Tweeps were glad to find a bride who “put her life first”.

OPW's Cabo and Abraham are happy in their second marriage.

After weeks and weeks of complaining that OPW brides seemed to be pushing the bekezela movement, viewers of the reality show were satisfied this past Sunday as they met a bride who believed in YOLO (You only live once) as opposed to ukubekezela.

Cabo has ended her first wedding because she wasn’t a believer of ukubekezela and upon leaving she re-united with the love of her life, Abraham, who she married on OPW

The act of ukubekezela aka “the woman must withstand anything that happens in her marriage and stay married against all odds” is a principle many of the older women in the black community (particularly) believe in. That principle is passed on from generation to generation, except young women are growing tired of it.

It usually involves staying in your marriage despite a cheating or abusive partner.

However, in the time where abuse and femicide stats continue to rise, tweeps were glad to find a bride who “put her life first”. They had just the right memes: