‘What muthi is this?’ – OPW Bride has 4 kids at 28 & is body goals

Nothando had people looking on their gps for the directions to the fountain of youth.

Having kids can take its toll on a woman’s body but not Nothando, who showed up on Our Perfect Wedding shining like a diamond, and left the internet puzzled.

Like, can we just discuss for ten marks how Nothando has had four kids, while also raising another child from her hubby’s previous relationship, and still managed to rock it in both a white dress and traditional clothes.

We were like…

Anyways, perhaps the secret is in the fact that she works away from home, a whole 250 kilometres away, and comes home to her husband and kids only on weekends.

Long distance relationships are no joke but Twitter relationship experts thought this one was going to last. Even if the groom loves sleeping almost as much as he loves his wife

Come chomi, hlala phansi la and spill your secrets