SKEEM SAAM: Sergeant Rathebe Says Goodbye To Turf

According to the teasers, on Wednesday, 22 March 2023, we see Sergeant Rathebe saying goodbye to Turf and everything that comes with it. The Sergeant came to Turf looking like someone who was determined and ready to solve all the cases that were not solved at the Turf police station. She started with Alfred Magongwa’s


case who started falling in love with her. And due to Jacobeth trying to meddle in and warning her to stay away from Alfred, Rathebe ended up moving out of Jacobeth’s place and going to stay at Alfred’s. But it seems the relationship we were hoping to see between Rathebe and Magongwa will never happen as she was warned about Magongwa’s wife, Celia, and as she also bids farewell to Turf. The sergeant angered a lot of people including Dragon as she was investigating a case and believed Dragon was behind a murder that took place at Leeto’s night club.

@MelanieMadigage wrote, “Magongwa really likes Rathebe and he is deserving to be loved up ❤ #SkeemSaam”