Skeem Saam actor Sebase Mogale & his wife arrested

This isn’t the first time Mogale’s name has been associated with controversy. In 2022, the actor faced professional repercussions when he was ousted from his role as a Thobela FM host after an investigative report by Carte Blanche implicated him in a similar Bitcoin-related scheme.

Now, the specter of scandal looms large once again as he and his wife navigate the legal fallout of their alleged actions.

Reports from the Limpopo Chronicle and Jacaranda FM paint a troubling picture of the accusations leveled against the couple. Appearing before the Polokwane Magistrates Court on Friday, March 15, Sebase and Dorah were formally accused of perpetrating fraud through their purported Bitcoin enterprise.


It’s alleged that Sebase, leveraging his platform as a radio personality, utilized his SABC radio show as a vehicle to entice unwitting investors into what was dubbed the “Mining City” scam. Promising lucrative returns, the scheme proved irresistible to many, who poured their hard-earned funds into the venture, some investing staggering amounts upwards of R250,000.

However, the allure of quick riches soon turned sour as investors discovered the harsh reality behind the facade. Malesela Ledwaba, spokesperson for the Limpopo police, revealed that over 10 cases have been filed against the Mogales, with victims recounting how attempts to withdraw their investments were met with excuses of a collapsed scheme due to inflation rates.

The intricate web of deceit allegedly spun by the couple entailed funneling funds into an account associated with Altcoin trader, under the guise of purchasing “mining packages” ranging from R6,500 to R253,000. When investors sought to reclaim their funds, they were met with silence as phone calls went unanswered and offices lay deserted, leaving behind a trail of shattered dreams and depleted bank accounts.

Following their arrest, Sebase Mogale and his wife were released on bail, each posting R10,000. However, their legal saga is far from over, with a looming court date set for May 20. It’s anticipated that additional charges may be brought against them as the investigation unfolds, casting a shadow over the once-glimmering facade of celebrity.