Heartbreaking News: Skeem Saam Pleads With Viewers To Stop Spreading

The SkeemSaam show production has warned fans and viewers of the show to stop spreading lies about the actress Lydia Mokgokoloshi has dies. Actress Lydia Mokgokoloshi who is best know as Koko Mantsha is said to be alive and in good spirits. According to the sources, there are news reporters who are spreading fake news, saying that Lydia Mokgokoloshi has died while she’s still alive.



Apparently, the 83-year-old actress is said to be alive and in good spirits. Lydia Mokgokoloshi is best known for playing the role of Koko Mantsha in SkeemSaam. The actress has been with the show since in 2011. The caress is one of the most loved grandmother in the show who has melted many viewers hearts. The news about her death started on the weekend, whereby fans were asking about her whereabouts.

It has been a long we have not seen the actress in SkeemSaam and her fans and followers are asking questions about her whereabouts. Her fans and followers have been of relief after hearing that the actress is still alive. According to the source, SkeemSaam has alerted viewers about rumours of the death of actress Lydia Mokgokoloshi.

In one of the source, it was revealed that Lydia will part-time, and she will not go t to the studios like before die to her healthy related. Although the actress has been in the screen for some time buy the production had warned people to stop with the fake news more special when it comes to the sensitive news like death.