Simphiwe Dana’s mom tests positive for Covid-19

Simphiwe Dana

One of songstress Simphiwe Dana‘s biggest fears came true recently when her mother, a retired nurse who had recently returned to work in an old age home, tested positive for Covid-19. Simphiwe took to her Twitter account to share that her mother had been diagnosed with Covid-19 and was currently recovering at home.Simphiwe DanaThe songstress expressed her worry since her mother suffers from diabetes but also expressed her hope that she would make a full recovery.

“My mom has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. She is a retired nurse who went back to work for an old age home because nursing to her is a calling. She is recovering at home and seems to be OK. She has diabetes. Still I have faith she will pull through,” she said.Simphiwe DanaEarlier this year, Simphiwe shared that her mother was going back to work despite her best efforts to stop her. She added that in her desperate attempt to make her mother abandon her plan to work during a global pandemic, she had even gone as far as offering to cover her bills.

However, her mother insisted.“My mother is a nurse at a frail care centre. I have offered her money to stay home. But she insists that her patients need her. My anxiety levels are sky-high. But such are nurses’ hearts. Yes, I offered to pay for her bills so she doesn’t have to work,” she said at the time.

A few weeks ago, it seemed like Simphiwe had finally managed to convince her mother to stop working. However, it seems that it was already too late by then.
Her fans have flooded her comment section with well wishes for her mother, thanking her for her heart and wishing her a speedy recovery.