‘Matric does not define me’ – Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

Motsoeneng was being cross-examined by the SABC at the Commission for Conciliation‚ Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) on Friday where he is challenging his dismissal from the public broadcaster.

Motsoeneng was dismissed in June 2017 after being found guilty of bringing the SABC into disrepute when he held a press conference.

Motsoeneng‚ during cross examination on Friday‚ took issue with a statement made by former SABC board member Krish Naidoo on December 9‚ 2016 when‚ accusing Motsoeneng of squatting at the broadcaster‚ said he could not understand how so many professionals were afraid of a “high school dropout”.

Motsoeneng told the commission that Naidoo knew very well that after 1994 the government recognised that experience counted as part of a person’s qualifications.

Motsoeneng said that Naidoo had even approved the SABC’s annual report which contained his qualifications. “How can I then be a dropout‚” he asked.

During his testimony earlier this week‚ Naidoo said he was considering suing Motsoeneng for defamation for referring to him as a sell-out.

Motsoeneng said the meaning of the word “sell-out” did not have the meaning it had in the past.

“Mr Motsoeneng called me a sell-out when he did a public address in April last year‚ and in political terms a sell-out has a very particular connotation.

“It means that someone sold out‚ can’t be trusted and you’re a traitor‚ so I have been contemplating over the last few months whether I shouldn’t sue him for this‚” Naidoo told the commission on Tuesday.

On Friday‚ Motsoeneng explained that a “sell-out” in the present context meant a person with whom you had agreed with on something at a meeting‚ who then went out and said something different in public.