Connie Ferguson eldest daughter reveals her mom is not okay

It’s been four months since the death of Botswana-conceived entertainer and news tycoon Shona Ferguson. Shona died on the 30th of July 2021, because of Covid-19 related difficulties leaving behind his better half Connie Ferguson, their two girls Alicia Ferguson and Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson and grandson Ronewa Malema.




Taking to her Instagram account, his oldest girl Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson wrote down a genuine message to the late Shona that has carried tears to the eyes of many.

Matsunyane-Ferguson, who got the Editor’s Special Tribute grant at the GQ MOTY 2021 honors, for her late dad and instead of her mom Connie Ferguson.

n her recognition she said: “I enjoyed it better when you were our holy messenger on the planet, basically I could pester you on assuming you’d eaten at this point or think that you are sitting peculiarly on the love seat, or catch you up on all that MCU related. The additional time that elapses, the more I feel like I left such a large number of things implied. The more I question whether I showed my affection for you enough and lament the embraces I didn’t plus or minus. I additionally question in case I made you glad then, at that point, and I’m making you pleased at this point. I’m attempting. Couldn’t say whether I’m succeeding.

“It’s not only four months since we lost you. It’s likewise your twenty years commemoration with Ma @connie_ferguson. I can’t envision how self-contradicting today is and I’m really sorrowful simply mulling over everything. Kindly be with her today. She misses you beyond what words can portray. We as a whole do..”.