A Zulu dance: MaMkhize welcomes her Makoti in style

South African businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize, famously known as MaMkhize, welcomed her Makoti with Zulu dances on 23 March.



Undoubtedly, the Zulu culture is one of the most famous and celebrated cultures in South Africa. Some of the country’s most famous celebrities and politicians, like Jacob Zuma, are proud of it.

They quickly showed down where they came from and did it nicely whenever possible. They have managed to keep their culture alive even in the modern dynamic society.

Among the top celebrities who always show their pride in being Zulu is MaMkhize, who did so once again over the weekend. Sharing on her Instagram, she expressed her joy at celebrating her Makoti in such a Zulu style.

She danced for her new Makoti in one of her videos and entertained the guests.

“MC of the day entertaining the guests,” she said, dancing.

MaMkhize Makoti Zulu dance
MaMkhize and her family welcome Melusi’s wife. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize
It was a special event for the Mkhize family as they had a traditional wedding welcoming MaMkhize’s Makoti. Her brother Melusi Spelele Mkhize brought his wife home through a traditional wedding this time.

“A union blessed by God and those who came before us. Witnessing the love between my brother Melusi Sphelele Mkhize and now Priscilla Deynse Zine Mkhize truly warms my heart. May their journey together be filled with endless love and happiness. 🤍🕯️🙏🏾,” she said, wishing the couple well.

She also spoke of how proud she was being a Zulu girl.

“I’m reminded of the beauty of my Zulu heritage and the strength of family bonds. In this moment of joy and unity, I am grateful for our rich traditions and the love surrounding us. 🤍💫” she continued speaking of her Zulu tradition.

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Despite welcoming her Makoti with Zulu dances, MaMkhizhasad shown how much she values family over time. Over the years, it mainly was herself and her close family, especially children like Andile.

MaMlhize managed to keep all of them under one roof so close and doing business together. She also showed this side of herself when she continued showing Sbahle love despite separating from her father.

Besides her children, she showed several times how close she was to his brother Melusi and other family members. Mostly, on special days like holidays, her home would be with several family members who are not even popular.

All this showed how she valued family despite her financial status and position.