Cocoa from Uzalo New fashion look style

Cocoa is hard as nail A prerequisite in her profession of prostitution. Cocoa is not shy about being the lady of the night, if anything, she takes pride in her trade. She is introduced into our world when Nyawo desperately needs a girlfriend to claim a prize.

When all fails, he finds Cocoa doing her thing in the streets. She agrees to pretend to be her girlfriend but for a fee, a hefty one. The girl does not come cheap, just her kisses alone will set you back over
7 grand.







Realising that she has hit jackpot with Nyawo, she takes full advantage, even refusing when Nyawo demands to break up with her. The two have absolute fun pretending to be lovers until Nyawo catches feelings. Cocoa would do anything for money so she is game to play the game. Besides their issues and chaos, the two have a lot in common, a couple that belongs together and in a normal world they’d be the perfect Mr and Mrs Smith.
Cocoa is very outspoken, kind of bullish in a way. Her work environment has really toughened her up. She has a softer and could be a good Zulu wife. This is the part Nyawo enjoys the most about her.
Cocoa will make her first appearance on the show on September 1st.