Man finds out that his wife to already has four kids with another man

A wedding ended in tears after the groom founds out that his bride already had four kids with another man.

The bride was seen on her knees begging the groom not to call off the wedding. The incident took place on the main road.


In other words the bride kept her four kids a secret, for that reason the groom decided to call off the wedding.

She should have told the truth from the start, but instead she decided to hide the fact that she already has four kids with another man.

She should have told her partner about her fours but she decided to keep it a secret. It’s unknown how the groom found out about her four kids.

The groom must call off the wedding because the woman can not be trusted. She is probably hiding for things for him.

The wedding ended in tears

ETV Scandal: Winnie told her mother to delete pictures of Nkazimulo in her phone


Winnie’s mom came to visit her so that she would be able to see Nkazimulo. When she got there she held Nkazimulo and took him pictures.







Winnie got upset and told her mom not to take pictures of her son.

She even told her to delete the ones she took because she knows that she wants to show then to Mbali.

Her mother deleted them. Winnie then gave her mother money and she was happy.

Her mother asked her if there was any chance that Jojo would want to fix his marriage with Mbali and Winnie refused.

She continued to tell her not to mention Mbali in her presence.

Winnie has changed ever since she signed the papers that Jojo gave her. But, what she doesn’t know is that the papers that she signed may come back in the future to ruin her life. She should stop disrespecting her mother and treat her with respect because she is older than her.

Letoya Makhene shows her PowerPuff girls, they look absolutely beautiful.

etoya Makhene Pulumo is a renowned South African actress, celebrity Sangoma, singer and TV personality.Latoya gained more popularity when she joined the SABC1 soap opera Generations the legacy She was potraying the role of Matshidiso and her character was very feisty.She also appeared on Isidingo. Latoya comes from the city of Johannesburg Metropolitan, in South Africa. She was brought into this world on 7th of September 1984,she is currently at the age of 38 as of October 2022.

The talented actress is currently married to her wonderful partner Lebo Kgeswa Pulomo Makhene.

Letoya’s parents are the talented musician Blondie Makhene, and her late mother was Agnes Makhene.

On Letoya’s recent post on IG account she shows picture of her PowerPuff girls. The three girls looks absolutely beautiful.

” I call them the PowerPuff girls and InLove them so much🥰🥰🥰 Wishing all of you a Blessed week👏👏❤”.

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Skeem Saam| Khwezi and Pretty sat next to each other in court to support their man Lehasa

All they is Lehasa to be free

These 2 ladies always compete every day to be the best women on front of Lehasa’s eyes. So far the only woman that Lehasa notice is Pretty. They both went all hard for their outfit in order to impress their man Lehasa.


Lehasa did not want Khwezi to come to court but she did, and she sat next to Pretty. Khwezi always wants to do what Pretty does, now the question is, why would she sit next to Pretty in court? Lehasa’s uncle came to sit between them so that they don’t cause a scene inside the court room.

I have to say that they both look beautiful and very supportive to Lehasa. Lehasa is a very lucky man to be supported by 2 women, who wants to see him free. Will they be by his side for the rest of his trial?

pictures of Millicent Mashile and Inno Sadiki, the twins look very beautiful.

breathtaking pictures of Millicent Mashile and Inno Sadiki, the twins look very beautiful.Innocent Sadiki , is a famous South African actress, reality TV star, model and entrepreneur.Inno gained Popularity when she appeared on the SABC1 soapie Skeem Saam.She is potraying the role of Sthoko, MaNtuli’s (Dieketseng Mnisi) oldest daughter who is a teacher.She was born and bred in Johannesburg.Her date of birth is recorded as 30th of April 1988,she is currently at the age of 34 as of October 2022.





The talented actress has an identical twin sister who goes by the name Millicent Mashile.

Millicent Mashile is a popular South African actress and television and radio presenter.She is best known for co-presenting ONE Gospel show called Alpha Youth with her twin sister Innocent Sadiki.The pair were again featured on the SABC1 reality show Big Break Legacy.

On their recent post on their instagram account with the name Centtwinz they uploaded their breathtaking pictures wearing traditional dresses looking absolutely gorgeous. The pictures were captioned ” Two are better than one …for if they fell, one will lift the other.Eccl 4:9-10″.