Skeem Saam| Khwezi and Pretty sat next to each other in court to support their man Lehasa

All they is Lehasa to be free

These 2 ladies always compete every day to be the best women on front of Lehasa’s eyes. So far the only woman that Lehasa notice is Pretty. They both went all hard for their outfit in order to impress their man Lehasa.


Lehasa did not want Khwezi to come to court but she did, and she sat next to Pretty. Khwezi always wants to do what Pretty does, now the question is, why would she sit next to Pretty in court? Lehasa’s uncle came to sit between them so that they don’t cause a scene inside the court room.

I have to say that they both look beautiful and very supportive to Lehasa. Lehasa is a very lucky man to be supported by 2 women, who wants to see him free. Will they be by his side for the rest of his trial?