ETV Scandal: Winnie told her mother to delete pictures of Nkazimulo in her phone


Winnie’s mom came to visit her so that she would be able to see Nkazimulo. When she got there she held Nkazimulo and took him pictures.







Winnie got upset and told her mom not to take pictures of her son.

She even told her to delete the ones she took because she knows that she wants to show then to Mbali.

Her mother deleted them. Winnie then gave her mother money and she was happy.

Her mother asked her if there was any chance that Jojo would want to fix his marriage with Mbali and Winnie refused.

She continued to tell her not to mention Mbali in her presence.

Winnie has changed ever since she signed the papers that Jojo gave her. But, what she doesn’t know is that the papers that she signed may come back in the future to ruin her life. She should stop disrespecting her mother and treat her with respect because she is older than her.