Thando Signing Divorce Papers from Siyacela after Bab Dlamuka

Thando Msomi’s Marriage Sparks Concerns Over Age and Polygamous Dynamics

South African social media has been buzzing with discussions about Thando Msomi’s marriage, raising concerns about her age and the unconventional dynamics within her relationship. Married for two years, Thando faces criticism from some who believe she is too young for the commitments she has taken on.

Thando, wed to Siyacela Dlamuka since 2019, is making headlines for her assertive stance on her future. Despite societal expectations, she firmly rejects the idea of becoming a sister wife or shouldering the sole responsibility for the household. While she acknowledges her initial commitment to supporting her husband in his journey after dropping out of school in grade 9, she has clear aspirations beyond traditional gender roles.

In an era where social media can amplify personal stories, Thando’s situation gained attention after Siyacela expressed his desire for a second wife on the Moja Love show. This revelation seems at odds with Thando’s vision, which extends beyond being a caretaker to pursuing her own educational and career goals.

Thando, determined to complete her matriculation and become a social worker, believes her chosen profession will enable her to make a positive impact by helping those facing difficulties—a calling she values deeply. Her initial decision to marry at a young age was supported by social workers ensuring her well-informed choice, but doubts have emerged as her husband’s desires for a polygamous arrangement became apparent.
Despite social media calls for Thando to consider a divorce, she remains undecided. The couple’s journey began in 2016 when they met at a wedding, with Thando serving as a bridesmaid. Their union, initially living in different parts of KZN, was influenced by Siyacela’s father, leading to a church wedding with a six-month engagement.

Siyacela, on the other hand, has made it clear that he has no intention of seeking employment or returning to school. Instead, he expresses his desire for a second wife, suggesting that both wives jointly care for him. The contrasting aspirations within the marriage have sparked debates about societal expectations, the dynamics of modern relationships, and the agency of individuals in choosing their paths.


As Thando Msomi’s story continues to unfold, it serves as a catalyst for conversations about age, gender roles, and personal aspirations within the context of marriage in South Africa. The ongoing dialogue reflects the complexities of relationships and the evolving perspectives on traditional norms.

Adding an intriguing layer to the ongoing saga, rumors have surfaced that Thando Msomi has reportedly moved on to date a top celebrity. However, the celebrity’s name has not been disclosed, leaving fans and the public in suspense about the potential new chapter in Thando’s personal life. This unconfirmed rumor has intensified public interest in Thando’s journey, adding an element of mystery to her evolving story.