Short Silver Pixie Haircut Trends 2017 / 2018

hair works from shorter at the back to longer at the front, and the tips of this hair are a gorgeous GREY, creating the most wonderful, sun-kissed effect. The hair is loosely waved from top to bottom creating this amazing relaxed style which we simply adore.different and beutiful look with your hair, you should look at Silver Short Hair Ideas we created for you. You can apply easily on your hair. Take a look this article!

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Best Silver Hairstyles For 2018

An inevitability for some, grey hair should not be approached with disdain, but rather met with warm welcome. In fact, intentionally going grey has been on the cards for the younger generation, silver being an appealing choice for unexpected,gray adds an inherent flair of mystery to any woman daring enough to try it. Complemented with dark roots and the layered front, this style creates a fascinating and mystical look

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