Shangaan Traditional Dresses Clothes

Shangaan people in South Africa are a people of brightNowadays however, the process has changed for the that have left the rural areas. In the rural areas, I still hear of families bringing together their children for marriage.For the most part, a man and a woman have to like each other, date and the guy has to express the intention to pay lobola or the want their child to marry into a good family, the family then is looked at to deem whether they are good enough for their child. Things that get looked at is the family’s wealth, popularity, their stance in the community, whether they are Christians or believe in or practice witchcraft etc.

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❣❣ Best Tswana Traditional Wedding Clothes ❣❣

A printed dressTswana has the ability to give style and character to your every day. You can wear it for both formal and informal occasions and always be in fashion. A great part of the printed  family is animal print Tswana dresses. You can find them in every type of fabric and style creating a stunning look. In this post, we have prepared a list of hot animal print dress designs that might inspire you.  beautiful tswana traditional dresses tswana,xhosa, sotho dresses dis my trots my tradisie…the man who was making my traditional dresses

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