‘Stunning’: Khanya Mkangisa finally show videos of baby shower

The Queenstown Kings star actress Khanya Mkangisa finally showed visuals of her baby shower. After she shared the video on her Instagram, fans described it as stunning on 22 March.

Khanya Mkangisa was one of the most talented actresses in the country, showing her talent from time to time. With so much of a name in the business, she has gathered many followers who saw her as family.





Unlike some of her fellow celebrities, Khanya kept fans guessing, and rumours of her pregnancy made rounds. She did not share any pictures or comments until after giving birth, and she took some of her fans by surprise.

It took over social media when she announced the news of being a mother as fans shared her pictures. Indeed, Khanya left her fans hanging after announcing the news of being a mother before sharing anything about the baby shower.

Fans had been waiting for the pictures and videos, but now is the time; here are the visuals.

Khanya Mkangisa baby shower
Khanya Mkangisa. Image via Instagram @ilovekhanya
Whenever Khanya did her things, she had a class that fans loved and was not disappointed with her baby shower. Khanya decorated the event mainly with white balloons and clothing; even the principal celebrant wore bright clothes.

With ‘Oh baby’ being the theme of the baby shower, indeed, the expression also represented how much it was planned out. They took their time, and the service providers showed how much Khanya had a taste for choosing.

She thanked everyone who made her day special, including her family, on her Instagram.

“To my family and friends, thank you for showering me with so much love”, she thanked her family and friends.

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Back then, when Khanya Mkangisa had her baby shower, most people probably did not know the baby’s gender. A few weeks ago, she revealed that she gave birth to a baby boy and expressed her joy as a mother.

Speaking to Nounouche, Khanya addressed several issues, including how she managed pregnancy.

“I think what maybe makes it not so hard is knowing I waited to have a child. I waited, and the last thing I wanted was regret. Now I feel like I’m fulfilled; I have fulfilled my purpose. I’ve lived my life. I’ve travelled.” she said.

“There’s always room for more. But then you realise who’s to say you can’t still do those things? But for the most part, I have tried to reach all my dreams in the best way possible,” she detailed her journey.

Khanya Mkangisa baby shower
Khanya Mkangisa. Image via Instagram @ilovekhanya
After Khanya Mkangisa shared a video of her baby shower, fans rated it, giving it several words like stunning and amazing.

@Noluthando Nqayi Meje (Bhelekhazi) “A beautiful day for a beautiful celebration ❤️”

@Agnacia Lee Monoere “Oh mommy 🥺 this is so beautiful hle 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥”

@Ivy Tlhoaele “This is stunning; your friends are the real ones. 🤍🤍”

@Lindiwe Radebe “This is heaven, congratulations once again, yummy mummy 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉”