South African Traditional Dresses 2020

As the sun set on the vibrant city of Marrakesh, firelight illuminated the walls of the grandiose El Badi Palace as traditional Moroccan ceramics and fabrics set the stage for the Dior 2020 Cruise show. The venue was rich in meaning. Long a meeting place for imagined realms of Europe and Africa, Marrakech also evokes the first successor to Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent.he centered the collection around Wax, a fabric emblematic of the entire continent. A unifying symbol of multifaceted fashion, the prints came in a multitude of motifs and colors. For this Cruise collection a special edition of Wax integrated Dior codes into the weave of the fabric. New versions of the Maison’s celebrated toile de Jouy were revisited in Wax, tarot motifs were reinvented, and the iconic Bar suit underlined the power of a print as a universal fashion language.