SkeemSaam:Isaac Generally Winds Up Engaged With Zwide’s Family

It began with assisting Confidence with disposing of Funani’s better half, presently he is involved once more in assisting them with disposing of Alex’s body after he was unintentionally shot by Nkosi. The previous evening’s episode finished with Isaac pondering turning state observer yet as indicated by this evening’s mysteries, Isaac will keep on showing his reliability to the Zwides as he chooses not to turn state observer. Funani is cheerful about Isaac’s choice yet later chooses to turn Alex’s homicide on Isaac to save his child from going to jail.


Isaac’s better half, Rea, needed him to turn state observer so he wouldn’t lose his family once more. Isaac accepts he is making the best decision just to wind up in jail the following coming days in light of the Zwides nailing the homicide to him.

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