Skeem Saam: Ntswaki Is Still Hopeful About Returning To Turf

Ntswaki got into trouble and got the Maputla family in debts. Mr Maputla got tired of her and decided to call her father.

He told Ntswaki’s father that he should come to fetch her because she deserves to stay with her parents. Her father came and took her back to the village.


Meiki was not happy when Ntswaki was taken and she got mad at John. Ntswaki was also not happy about leaving but she had hope that she would return to Turfloop again.

She met with her village boyfriend and she told him that she was not back for good. She told him that she only came back to help her mother because she is sick.

Her boyfriend told her that he was happy to see her because he missed her. Tsubi told her that they should fix their relationship and Ntswaki did not tell him anything.