Skeem Saam actress Mokgadi died while giving birth.

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I Was Dead For 3 Minutes, Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila on giving birth
Notchvendors February 12, 2024


Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila has left her followers emotional as she opened up about the harrowing experience of her recent childbirth. Matlaila, who has been candid about her challenging pregnancy, shared vivid images and videos from nine months ago when both she and her daughter, Qhawekazi, battled for their lives in the ICU.

Facing complications such as a diagnosis of preeclampsia, Matlaila described the ordeal as her “rebirth.” Recounting the moments before heading to the operating room, she vividly remembers struggling to breathe, and then everything went dark. Upon regaining consciousness, doctors revealed that she had been clinically dead for three minutes, while her daughter was born with a lack of oxygen, appearing blue.

Matlaila disclosed the severity of the situation, stating, “I am told my heart and lungs collapsed after I had fits (where I almost bit off my tongue) due to the high blood pressure (Pre-eclampsia).” The mother-daughter duo spent a month in the ICU, expressing gratitude for their survival and attributing it to divine intervention.

Even Matlaila’s medical team was astounded by the miraculous turn of events. She emphasized, “To this day, doctors still reiterate that our story is one in a million. A true miracle!”

Expressing her gratitude to the medical professionals who played a crucial role in their recovery, Matlaila referred to them as her “Angels.” She acknowledged their immediate response to her emergency and the hands-on support they provided during their recovery, praising their expertise and dedication to saving lives