‘Siya Kolisi for President 2024’: Mzansi agree on the Springboks captain’s ‘destiny’ to lead SA

Siya Kolisi left South Africans praising them for uniting the nation, saying it was his ‘destiny‘ to be the president.

Siya Kolisi is busy getting in full gear for the Rugby World Cup competitions with the squad.Even though he is taking every spare time to cheer other national teams like Netball and Banyana Banyana.

A few days ago, Siya went to support the national netball team and cheered the crowd a lot.

Later, he shared another picture with the Netball captain, which thrilled fans so much.

He sang and danced supporting the ladies, leaving fans calling him ‘The President’.

Famous actress Bontle Modisele even joined the campaigning team with her message in the comments saying:

“President Siya”






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Sports unite people from different backgrounds and cultures, and Siya knows it.

Many South Africans love her for his contribution to the Springboks, and he goes the extra mile.

He is making the nation happy and united at a time when it is needed the most.

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The political atmosphere is a bit tense as we, the country, get ready for the elections.

Siya Kolisi, however, is a positive that is thrilling all South Africans without gender or political party.

He shared a picture with the Netball national team captain and spoke of the unity saying: “Two captains, one nation 🇿🇦”

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Only a few people called Siya Kolisi ‘President’ for uniting the nation but many South Africans.

“South Africa a winning Nation! We are stronger together!”

“Now we need @refiloejane15 in this picture…”

“How can we vote for Siya at the next election? 🇿🇦”

“@xander_5 I’m sure it’s possible to force someone into presidency. People been forcing their choices on us for years.”

“When you retire from rugby Siya, please run for president 👍🏻