s she married? Here is everything you need to know about Nonhle from Generations

Buntu Petse is an upcoming South African actress currently playing Nontle on Generations The Legacy. The sky is her limit, and she is breaking ceilings. Her character as Nontle is just the beginning for her.

She will never stop aiming for the stars, and when you see her on your screens playing detective a few years from now. Just know her dreams came true. Let’s find out more about the budding actress from Buthu Petse Biography (Age, Career, Salary, Boyfriend, Generations: The Legacy).

Profile summary

Real Name: Buntu Petse

Date of Birth: 12 February 1997

How does Buntu Petse’s career start?
The budding actress steps into the entertainment panorama when she lands her first presenting gig Buntu first gains her TV experience as a presenter on the SABC1 science and tech show Teenagers on a Mission (TOMZ).

Rise to fame
After jumping the gun several times, Buntu Petse lands a role on Generations: The Legacy, her first acting gig. She plays Nontle, a high school teenager. She makes a mark just moments after joining the acting panorama when she becomes the face of #OpenUpTheIndustry

I’m a new face in the industry, so I’m grateful for the movement, and it has been influential in that I have been given this opportunity. On the other hand, #OpenUpTheIndustry should go hand in hand with more job opportunities for actors who are already in.


What is Buntu’s role on Generations: The Legacy?
She scores herself the label “fan favourite” just a few months after joining the soapie. Her character is a high school teenager on a mission to fight climate change. She is one badass teenager who is not afraid to use her tweeping fingers to call out low lives. At one time, her outspokenness sees her receiving death threats. This schools masses on the dangers of social media.

Who is Buntu Petse’s boyfriend?
Her character, Nontle, gets in trouble and has his boyfriend seeking revenge on the hoodlums who attack her. Of course, fans want that kind of man for her offset character. But in the meantime, he is non-existent. Maybe in 5 years, she will be all booed up. Who knows?

“In 5 years, I will be married, with a child, living in a beautiful home that I own. But more importantly, doing what I love the most. Acting,” she says.

It may be too early to determine her net worth, but she makes a pretty penny from her salary. Bunthu pockets a handsome salary in the range R25 000 – R30 000. She is only at the beginning of her career. Wait and watch till she reaches the top.