‘Protect your peace’: Khaya Dladla dumps Gagasi FM

Former Uzalo actor Khaya Dladla, who plays Lazarus in House of Zwide announces his departure from Gagasi FM.





The actor and radio personality Khaya Dladla took to his Instagram on Tuesday, 26 March to confirm his exit from Gagasi FM.

“The craziest mixed feelings, having to walk out of the one place I once called the happiest place and my home since 2nd June 2018.”

“Dream big and also work hard to achieve those dreams but also protect your peace and take care of your mental health,” he said.

Dladla released a statement confirming his exit from the regional commercial radio station after six years. He bids farewell to his popular drive time show on 29 March where he was known to listeners as “The Favourite Queer of The Airwaves”.

He added: “It pains me that i find myself in a position where, I have had to leave a brand that I fell in love with years ago due the non-conducive environment”.

The House of Zwide actor’s departure comes after Penny Ntuli dumped Gagasi FM due to the R28 000 salary pay.


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TVSA reports that Khaya Dladla, who previously starred in Uzalo currently portrays the role of Lazarus in e.tv’s House of Zwide.

Dladla who played the role of GC on Uzalo revealed in 2021 that he’s happier with his new contract at House of Zwide which replaced Rhythm City.

The actor stated that he accepted his contract with the e.tv fashion drama as it’s more secure and longer than the contract with Stain Glass TV.

That is why when the opportunity arose for him to join House of Zwide, he could not turn it down because he knows how long he’s contracted to stay with them with years to come.

He added his role on the e.tv show is unlike all the characters he’s played as he deals with a lot of fashion. He also receives assistance from big names in the fashion industry.

Dladla, who recently secured a TV presenting gig at Our Perfect Wedding is also impressed audiences with his role on eHostela where he played the role of a Nxebale Ndoda.