Rapper Blaklez makes things official with partner

In a heartwarming video, the Rap Steve Biko (as he is also called), shared that he is now a Ngcobo groom.

“Umkhonyana waka Ngcobo,” Blaklez wrote in IsiZulu.




The video featured his uncles outside the Ngcobo gate, the lobolo negotiations, the food and images of the musician, his fiancée and their family members. It also featured Police Minister Bheki Cele, who himself, is a Ngcobo ” mkhwenyana as his wife Thembeka’s Cele’s maiden name is Ngcobo.

Blaklez is a father to a beautiful daughter, Kopano, whom he shares with former Kaya FM breakfast host, Dineo Ranaka.

In conversation on YouTube in 2022, Blaklez and Dineo had a heart to heart about their turbulent relationship and how they reached a point of healthy co-parenting.

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The former couple had a very toxic relationship which their fans got to see on reality TV show, Dineo’s Diary, in 2013.

In an interview on Choppin It With Bhuda T with Zingah last month, Blaklez said years after they split up, people still referred to him as “Dineo Ranaka’s ex”.

“It was a long time ago. I suppose people are interested in it because it’s one of the major features of my entertainment life. I am not a person who’s very open about my private life.”

“If it was to ever happen, which I doubt because of the kind of stuff I’m pursuing, I’d have more control over it. [In the first show Dineo’s Diary] I bit off more than I could chew. These things work with ratings and if it has to look chaotic for it to hit the numbers, and people respond to the chaos, give more chaos.

“I’m not saying necessarily her, but there are a whole bunch of people behind the production. We played into it. There’s no one who could do something … against their will. I [can’t] play victim. Nobody had a gun to my head,” he said.

Khosi Twala alleged car accident: prayers pour

Fans across the globe were stunned and concerned for the well-being of their beloved reality TV stars. The BBTitans cast members had been generously sharing picturesque snapshots of their getaway, filling their Instagram accounts with envy-inducing glimpses of white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and carefree moments.

However, the paradise-like atmosphere took a sombre turn when reports of the car accident emerged. As word of the incident spread, fans quickly rallied together to show their support for the trio. The power of social media was evident as hashtags related to Khosi Twala, Marvin Archi, and Mmeli began trending worldwide.



Khosi and Marvin’s fans send prayers on social media. Image: Instagram via @marvin_marvels
Khosi and Marvin’s fans send prayers on social media. Image: Instagram via @marvin_marvels
X erupted with an outpouring of love for Khosi Twala. Supporters anxiously awaited updates on her condition, recovery progress, and the details surrounding the accident. #PrayForKhosiTwala took flight, capturing the hearts of countless fans who hoped for a positive outcome.

As we piece together the timeline of events, it’s important to note that, at the time of publishing this article, the three stars involved have yet to confirm the details of the accident. The BBTitans community continues to stand by their side, sending messages of hope, strength, and healing as they await more information.

As we send our thoughts and prayers to Khosi Twala, Marvin Archi, and Mmeli, we hold onto the anticipation of good news and brighter days ahead. With Khosi’s birthday just around the corner, the BBTitans community clings to hope, uniting under the rallying cry of #KhosiTwala.


Best known for his on-screen character of Gxabashe on Mzansi’s most-watched drama series Uzalo, where is Mpumelelo Bhulose now?

Despite being among the most sought-after stars, Mpumelelo Bhulose disappeared from the small screens leaving many wondering about his whereabouts.

With a career spanning years, the bubbly actor starred in several drama series, but he saw his on-screen characters being written off due to a lack of professionalism.


It’s now years since he has appeared on small screens. According to IOL, the star last hogged headlines when he was axed from Imbewu: The Seed for not showing up on set.

His on-screen character of Zimele Bhengu was written off on Imbewu: The Seed after the star actor disappeared from the set for weeks without any communication.

Mpumelelo Bhulose
Seasoned actor Mpumelelo Bhulose. Images from [email protected]
Confirmed reports have it that his exit came barely a few months after being cast. Unconfirmed reports have it that he had a fallout with executive producers of the shows, including Leleti Khumalo.

He also starred in Greed and Desire, but since his dramatic exit from the soapie, he is yet to star in a big-budget drama series.

However, his dramatic exit from Imbewu: The Seed was not the first. In 2016 rumour mill had it that he was fired from Uzalo after allegedly butting heads with co-workers and producers.

However, despite all these allegations, the actor always remained mum, only to throw social media jabs in 2019.

Despite being regarded as one of the most difficult actors to work with, the seasoned actor has managed to cap his dramatic career with accolades.

Apart from accolades, he has managed to star in several big-budget drama series. Against the backdrop of his newfound fame, he made headlines with his on-screen character of Martin on Generations.

President Cyril Ramaphosa dances to Tyler ICU’s ‘Mnike’

Tyler ICU’s Mnike has reached a number of milestones in the musical sphere and has currently gone viral on social media app TikTok. Millions of people around the world are doing the Mnike dance challenge and South Africans love to see it. It looks like even President Cyril Ramaphosa is enjoying the hit song and was recently captured joyfully dancing along to it at a recent event.

The post has left South Africans feeling joyful as they celebrate and discuss Tyler ICU’s success.



When Mnike first hit South African airwaves, no one knew exactly how big it would become.

Thanks to social media apps like Twitter and TikTok, the amapiano song absolutely blew up — not only here in South Africa but across the world.

In fact, a number of US stars have recorded themselves singing or dancing along to the song which was made by Tyler ICU and a few other SA artists.

Amapiano artist Tyler ICU. Image via Instagram (@tylerICU)
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Wiz Khalifa, Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Housewives star Kandi Burruss have all gone viral with clips of themselves playing the song.

And now SA president Cyril Ramaphosa has also gone viral.

This after a clip of him dancing to the song was shared on Twitter by Athi Geleba. In the clip, Ramaphosa attempts to do the Mnike challenge but fails dismally.

‘Young and handsome’: Oscar Mbo’s age revealed on his birthday

South African record producer Oscar Mbo’s age was revealed when he celebrated his birthday.

The birthday boy is so popular on Instagram, with many ladies liking his good looks.


It seemed he was a national crush, as ladies couldn’t get enough of him.

On 7 August 2023, Oscar Mbo celebrated his birthday, but most fans did not know his age.

Some thought he was way older, but it seemed his good looks misled them.

Sharing the news on his Instagram, Oscar Mbo wished himself a wonderful day.

“happy birthday Don Groovy! ⭐️🫡✨#7 #YesGod #GRVST”OSCAR MBO’S AGE REVEALED ON HIS BIRTHDAY
Born Oscar Mbongeni Ndlovu, the talented record producer, was born and raised in Kriel, Mpumalanga west of Witbank.

He was born on 7 August 1990 and was celebrating his 33rd birthday.

Oscar showed so much interest in music from an early age that he established himself among the country’s best.Oscar also became popular with his established podcast, Oscar Mbo Podcast.

He is also the founder of Oscar Mbo Productions, a house music production firm specializing in deep house.

With all these achievements, many fans are in awe of the birthday boy, Oscar Mbo’s age.

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A post shared by Oscar Mbo (@oscarmbo)

Even some were left amused by Oscar Mbo’s age, but some wished him a wonderful birthday.

“My babyyyyyy!!!! Happy birthday babe , I love you wholeheartedly, may the great Lord continue to bless your heart ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 , I love you I love you I love you . Happy birthday to us!!🎈🎈🎈”

“God it is this one birthday we won’t rest now he will celebrate it for 90 days …happy birthday my boy never regrets getting it is a privilege denied too many..”

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“Every second in mah mind : YEBO YEBO YEBO YEBO YEBO NKOSIIIII 🙏🏾”

“Happy Birthday Mr Mbo to more life ukhule ungakhokhomi”

“Lapha ku slide 7 wasowuyicalile iHubbly 😂😂 Happy birthday my dog! Mad love for you”

“May this trip around the solar be fruitful and meaningful, manifesting all the dreams dreamt and brings you a holistic perspection to life and the future that is bright .As I raise my coffee mug,enjoy your day Brother.👏”