Sne Mseleku breathtaking beauty left Mzansi dumbstruck.

Sne Mseleku is a well recognized South African reality TV star and media personality. She is beautiful and brilliant and she has a sense of humor and personality. She is a loving and devoted mother of two beautiful children and she is taking good care of them. She is talented and ambitious woman who is not afraid to chase her dreams and have a brighter future.






She is intelligent and independent woman who knows what she wants in her life and she is gifted. She came to spotlight after being one of the cast on Mzansi Magic reality series Uthando Nesthembu. She used to live with her step mother whose name is Macele who is the firs wife to Musa Mseleku.

She is one of 10 children of the Mseleku family. On her recent post on social media account she left Mzansi dumbstruck with her remarkable beauty. Please comment, like, click on and kindly share your thoughts.

Ayanda Ncwane Is Looking beautiful Glowing Than Ever.

Ayanda Ncwane is beautiful. I also could not help but to feel jealous after seeing her gorgeous pictures in social media. Ayanda is enjoying herself in France, in Paris. She has recently taken to her Instagram page where she shared her latest pictures in France. She was updating her fans and followers her new locations.







A lot of her fans has been loving her beautiful body structure. Ayanda has been receiving a lot of love and appreciation from her followers in her comment page. Ayanda Ncwane is known as a spiritual person who likes God. She is also a media personality who always put God first. Ayanda is known as a brand ambassador of Clientèle, where she is in partnership with Desmond Dube and Lillian Dube. The advert has been on national TV for so long.

The South African media personality has been living her good like after the death of her husband Sfiso, who was a gospel singer. Ayanda is currently growing their family business “Ncwane Communications” which is a business which is left by her husband. Ayanda has been seen as a TV and radio presenter and also a host.

Take a look at some pictures of Ayanda, share your thoughts and views, and don’t forget to like and follow her page.

Skeem Saam teasers: Pax finds himself alone and the Kgomo family nightmare continues

This April 2023, Skeem Saam will host:

Monday, April 3, 2023, Episode 196

Ends with two loud bangs as a hostage situation flips Turfloop on its head!





Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Episode 197:

Bazaruto faces multiple explosion threats. Playing hero is punishable by law enforcement. Mrs. Kgomo wants to know the reason her husband went to a club.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023, Episode 198:

A critically ill man begins to show signs of life. When a boy confronts his lover about having an affair, the boy loses.

Thursday, April 6, 2023, Episode 199:

Mr. Kgomo finds himself on the receiving end of a relationship in which he had no business investing. Ntswaki implements a strategy she hasn’t really considered.

Friday, April 7, 2023, Episode 200:

Melita meets a crude businessman who is her match. The YOLO moment between Ntswaki and Letetswe ends in panic.

Monday, April 10, 2023, Episode 201:

Leeto enters the Dragon’s Den, and the doors begin to close around him. A previous belle of the ball gets an unforgiving slap of the real world and it stings. Charles and Meikie argue about their children.

Episode 202 on Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Leeto makes a decision that shocks his family and may put them in danger. Letetswe and Ntswaki are forced to break up in front of their parents.

Wednesday 12 April 2023 Episode 203

Mr Kgomo strolls his family out and welcomes a courtesan in. Babeile cautions the Maputlas to avoid a local area pioneer’s burial service.

Thursday, April 13, 2023, Episode 204:

Alfred is scandalized when he sees something he shouldn’t. A damaged Leeto makes a frantic request to Meikie. A delinquent young lady from Turf High hears her gatekeepers examining sending her back home.

Friday 14 April 2023 Episode 205

Mr Kgomo’s illegal meeting transforms into a bad dream. Leeto is hesitant to give up on his dream.

Monday, April 17, 2023, Episode 206

The nightmare that is the Kgomo family continues. Leeto tries to get what should be his, but Babeile doesn’t give in.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Episode 207:

Pax is all by himself for the first time. Eunice longs to talk to Leeto and worries about her.

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023, Episode 208:

Melita must swallow a lot of angry words from a wife she despises. When Leeto bares her soul, she breaks an employee’s heart. The young men get a serious verbal railing about harmful manliness when somebody hears them discussing.

Thursday, April 20, 2023, Episode 209

MaNtuli humiliate Mr. Kgomo in the only way she knows how. To save his relationship, Letetswe does the unthinkable. Leeto has trouble controlling Joy.

Friday 21 April 2023 Episode 210

Mrs Kgomo blows a breaker when she learns about her better half’s new living plan, and everything closes on fire. During dinner, Khwezikazi and Lehasa play cupid for their friends.

Monday 24 April 2023 Episode 211

The people group battles against a seething fire that envelopes two sweethearts.

Tuesday 25 April 2023 Episode 212

Pax encounters the shock of his life when he observes his dad riding among life and passing. John is depressed as Meikie questions him about his straying past.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023, Episode 213:

Mrs. Kgomo is engulfed in flames from a burning house. Everyone who hears about Ntswaki’s crush on Kat is concerned.

Episode 214 on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

Melita and Mrs. Kgomo draw the battle lines. Charles’s mind races when he overhears a conversation. A conflicted couple finally reconciles.

Friday, April 28, 2023, Episode 215

Mrs. Kgomo with the law at the worst possible moment. Charles and Meikie are enraged by Ntswaki’s actions. Leeto comes up with a plan to attract more patrons to the club.

Skeem Saam airs on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

Hellen Motsuki breathtaking beauty caused stir on social media.

Hellen Motsuki is a famous known South African actress, producer, director, writer, MC and motivational speaker. She is talented and ambitious woman who is full of energy, courage and confidence. She is intelligent and independent woman who is working very hard to achieve her dreams. She is best known for her role as Melitta Monama on SABC 1 educational drama series Skeem Saam.




She has managed to capture the hearts of many viewers through her electrifying performance. She is smart, humble, calm and inspires young people out there to persue their goals. She is a multi-faceted force to be reckoned with.

She is also a loving and devoted mother and a wife and she knows how to balance her busy schedule and her family. She is one of the most influential people in the country. On her recent post on social media account she left Mzansi gobsmacked with her latest post showing off her remarkable beauty. Please comment, like, click on and kindly

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