Ntswaki on Skeem Sam enjoys her time while they are looking for her

Ntswaki, from Skeem Sam has been someone who is giving others problems lately, at school, home and on the streets. She is also known for doing well at school. Her teacher knew how good she was, but then things started to take a turn after she saw Katlego, who is in charge of a restaurant. Ever since she saw him, she has been so different that she loses focus at school.





Becoming that person who is snapping out at almost everyone because Katlego told her that she should expect nothing coming from him. When Meikie knew that Ntswaki went to Katlego’s restaurant, she was not happy and went to confront him about his sudden involvement with Ntswaki. But she was told that there was nothing happening between them.

He was actually worried about her and tried his best to stop him because she could not let it go. Then came a time when Meikie said she would take her phone because she was not behaving well and they were concerned about her. That is not how Ntswaki saw it—but being controlled and not given freedom.

Ntswaki was asked a question in class because she is one of the best performers, and she could not answer it. But she has left class ever since and never attended the remaining classes. Her teacher went to ask about her at home because she is not the person she was before. That is when they learned she had not been home.

It got everyone worried, and she was at the establishment having a good time. She was seen dancing on top of a table, and the audience was cheering her name. In the comments section, it was said that Meikie will have to pay for any damages done by Ntswaki if she breaks something in the establishment.