Nomvelo Makhanya opens up about life after Scandal you won’t believe what she’s saying

Nomvelo Makhanya, the 28-year-old actor best known for her role as Lindiwe Ngema on etv’s Scandal, recently opened up about her journey to healing after leaving the popular soap opera. In an interview on the “Access Genie Podcast with Ancillar Nombewu,” Makhanya shared her experiences and insights since departing from the show where she spent nine years of her career.

Makhanya joined the entertainment industry at the tender age of 16 and quickly became a beloved figure on Scandal. However, in 2022, she made headlines when she revealed that her former workplace had become toxic, to the point where staying could have driven her to suicide. The unexpected decision to write her character out of the show left her in shock and pain, but she has since found a path to healingIn the podcast, Makhanya described the process of moving on from the show and dealing with the aftermath of her departure.







“You never really know how healed you are until you go back to the very thing that hurt you,” she said, reflecting on her visit to the Scandal set a few weeks ago. Accompanying a friend who is a DJ and was shooting a segment, Makhanya was pleasantly surprised by the positive reception she received. “I felt amazing. I did not feel any anger, no hurt, no noise, and I was received with so much joy and love,” she recounted.Makhanya also addressed the professional challenges she faced after speaking out about the toxic environment on set. She noted that people in power often try to exert control when someone speaks out against them. “When you start speaking out they want to make sure that you struggle,” Makhanya explained, mentioning that she was blacklisted for a time, making it difficult to find work. Despite this, she managed to stay financially stable through her savings and income from content creation.

The actor-turned-DJ emphasized the importance of therapy and a strong support system in her healing journey. “I am grateful for therapy and my support system because I have healed,” she stated. Makhanya’s story serves as an inspiring example of resilience and the power of speaking out against environments in the workplace.