Nandi Madida recently left fans obsessed over her fashion and beauty.

Having a supportive partner that wishes you nothing but the best is everything. It is not everyone who will get you and your crazy ideas but if your partner understands and stands by you, you can achieve just about anything. They even get why you spend so much time on something and the effort.





Nandi Madidi is a beautiful talented musician, television presenter and businesswoman. She’s one of the women that have shaped the music industry with her amazing vocals. She also advocates for natural hair which has seen her having her signature hairstyle in some salons. She has a designing.

She is married to musician Zakes Bantwini whom she has two children with. Her husband recently released one of the biggest songs in the country called Osama featuring Kasango. She shared a picture of herself at his launch party for the song. As always she looks breathtaking. We love how she supports her husband.