“My mother was exploited then and is still exploited in her death.”

Hlala kwabafileyo is the Zulu drama series which was apparently produced between the years 1989 to 1992. This story cast includes the late Daphney Hlomuka, Don Eric Mlangeni, Tshepo Nzimande and Beryl Tusini.






I’m sure some of you have always been asking yourselves where Beryl Tusini who was playing the character of Zakhe and Jessi Mhlongo’s daughter; Babazile could be. Berly Tusini was born in the year 1961. Hlala kwabafileyo was the only TV story she acted on and she was such a brilliant actress.

We all know that if she was still alive she was going to be part of those South African TV stories, unfortunately she passed away in the year 1998 due to sickness. However, there’s no much information about this deceased talented actor but there is this article on internet which is actually a story shared by Beryl’s daughter telling how her mother died.

On that story telling article, the daughter was like: “My warrior woman mother, who bred in me a fearless and unconditional love, who lived in truth and with integrity, who delighted her fans on TV screens across the country, who was fondly known as “Babazile”, whose name is Beryl Tusini, who was not ashamed, also died from Aids – nothing else”.

Sad story indeed, but unfortunately she didn’t reveal much about her mother’s personal details like where she was born and where she was staying before she died. I saw a post on Instagram with Berly’s picture captioned: “Beryl Tusini (Babazile) was such a beauty, indeed she’s missed in South African entertainment industry”.