‘Muvhango gave birth to my acting career’ –says Buhle Samuels

Buhle Samuels, a prominent South African actress, has made a triumphant return to the popular SABC2 soap opera Muvhango, where she portrays the character of Matshidiso. Samuels’ comeback to the long-running series this year has been met with enthusiasm from fans and industry insiders alike.

In a recent interview with Sunday World, the actress expressed her bittersweet sentiments about the impending conclusion of Muvhango, which has been a significant part of her professional journey. While the news of the show’s ending may be tinged with a sense of nostalgia, Samuels’ continued presence on the program is a testament to her talent and the enduring appeal of the character she has brought to life on the small screen.

“It has been such a beautiful process. It gave birth to my career. I love them so much and I am so grateful to be part of the show at the various stages.I hope that we have entertained people at home,” said Samuels.




Samuels mentioned that she differs greatly from her character Matshidiso as she is quiet and sweet, while Matshidiso is described as conniving and manipulative.In contrast to her character on the show, Samuels revealed that she enjoys spending her free time reading books and relaxing at home with her pets. She explained that portraying Matshidiso allows her to tap into a different side of herself and explore complex emotions on screen.

“I am a more chilled girl and Matshidiso teaches me some things that you can use in a positive way, but we are definitely very different.This year something is coming, something very big is coming from me in the next three months.Maybe people will be shocked but my followers, who are on Instagram, won’t be as surprised,” she said

The sudden announcement of the termination of the long-running Tshivenda soapie Muvhango has come as a surprise to its devoted fans. After 25 years on air since its inception in 1997, the production has reportedly run out of episodes, leading to the abrupt decision to cease broadcasting new content.

According to reports, the show’s production has been completely shut down, and no new contracts or extensions have been made for further episodes. In a statement, the SABC2 channel revealed that it would air retro episodes of Muvhango, allowing audiences to revisit the show’s historical moments and celebrate 30 years of democracy in South Africa.

While the statement did not explicitly confirm the show’s cancellation, the decision to broadcast past seasons suggests that the production has reached the end of its run, leaving viewers to bid farewell to one of the longest-running and most iconic soapies on South African television.