MaCele has refused to meet Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife.

Mseleku, renowned for his polygamous lifestyle showcased in the reality show “Uthando Nes’thembu,” has tantalized viewers with hints about his mysterious fifth wife. Despite recent rumors suggesting actress Ntokozo Mzulwini as a potential candidate, Mseleku swiftly dispelled these claims.


In a clever twist on his reality show, aired on Mzansi Magic, Mseleku teased viewers by offering a glimpse of his fifth wife without fully revealing her face, leaving audiences eager for more.

However, the much-anticipated introduction has encountered a slight hurdle. Mseleku’s esteemed first wife, MaCele, has stipulated that she will only meet the new wife after the lobola (bride price) has been paid. Respectful of this agreement, Mseleku emphasized the importance of honoring it before proceeding with the introduction.

Fans are urged to mark their calendars for Thursday, May 16, as this is when the grand reveal is set to take place in the upcoming episode of the reality show.

In adherence to tradition, Mseleku performed a ritual burning of impepho (incense) to notify his ancestors of his intention to take a fifth wife. He emphasized the significance of seeking ancestral approval before informing MaCele and his other wives, underscoring the importance of ancestral guidance in matters of marriage.

Acknowledging the potential impact on his existing marriages, Mseleku remains prepared for any outcome. While uncertain about the future of his relationships with MaNgwabe and MaYeni, he anticipates joyful reactions from MaKhumalo and MaCele upon the arrival of the fifth wife.

As anticipation builds and speculation mounts, fans eagerly await the unveiling of Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife, poised to witness the next chapter in his polygamous journey.