Khanyi Mbau was busy showing off her R15million mansion but Mzansi noticed something

Khanyi Mbau, a well-known actress in the country, just moved into an R15 million mansion in Sandton. She is usually considered to be one of the most flashy celebrities in Hollywood. Khanyi’s popularity stems from the fact that she is frequently spotted in the most expensive cars and on the most luxurious vacations.

During her acting career, Khanyi has proven that she is more than just a pretty face and amazing body, and she has amassed a fortune as a result. She is a hard worker who has risen to the top via her own efforts. Recently, it was reported that she had spent R500,000 on a tombstone for her late father, Menzi Mcunu.

Khanyi has an R15 million home in Sandton, Johannesburg, the wealthiest square mile in all of Africa. Her mansion is modeled like a classic white home and features a gilded porch and a huge crystal chandelier. The external walls are made of non-structural glass to keep the weather out and the occupants safe.

The interior of the home is decorated in whites and creams with black accents, matching the exterior. The house has a lot of great features, such a gym and a master suite with a jacuzzi. Due to her ownership of not one, but two Lamborghinis, Khanyi is dubbed the “Queen of Lamborghinis” in Mzansi. Her mansion has a carport in addition to four garages.


In spite of owning a multimillion dollar home, Khanyi Mbau’s TV is too small and appears cheap, as evidenced by the photo at the top of this post. It’s easy to assume that Khanyi Mbau, a successful actress and multimillionaire, has earned the luxurious life she now enjoys. Her garage is full of exotic cars, while the rest of her R15 million Sandton mansion is filled with luxurious extras.

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